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Aftercare Instructions

We offer a 1 week garauntee on our services when aftercare is followed.  Please read below to better understand our aftercare guidelines.

General Haircolor

You will experience growth with all haircolor within 2 weeks.  The amount of growth you will see varies for each person.  We recommend touch ups every 4-6 weeks.  Ask your stylist what they recommend for you.


  • Permanent hair color will stay in the hair permanently, but will experience a color shift after 24 washes. 

  • Demi hair color will slowly fade out of the hair as you wash, and is expected to be noticeably minimized after 24 washes.

  • Blonding will stay in the hair permanently, but will require specific aftercare to maintain the tone and integrity of your hair.  See below for blonding guides.

  • Vivid hair color requires specific care.  See below for vivid hair color guides.


Blonde hair will gradually warm in tone as you wash your hair.  The following recommendations will help maintain the tone and feel of your blonde.

Vivid haircolor

Vivid haircolor is expected to last up to 14 washes.  Please follow the guidelines below to get the most longevity out of your color.

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