Hey There,

      I'm Gavin!

Specializing in all things blonde

Gavin is the kind of person that hears you even when you're not talking.  He has an uncanny ability to know what you're going to say before you actually say it. Have you ever had a friend that brings you a cup of coffee on your worst day because it's almost like they knew?  That's Gavin.

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Lake at Dusk

Come as you are, you will be listened to and cared for. I love working with blondes because each blonding situation is different and presents itself with a different set of challenges each time. In my opinion, blonde requires the most attention to detail because you will see everything all while keeping the integrity of the hair. While the work may seem tedious to some I love letting my inner perfectionist come out and work towards the blonde of your dreams. There’s nothing like getting lost in a full foil or balayage.,

I am a natural caregiver.  In fact, before starting beauty school, I started studying to become a nurse.  But, quickly realized that was not for me and started cosmetology instead.  I love that I get to take care of people while empowering them to feel beautiful!

I am naturally upbeat, and what you would consider a morning person.  I love all forms of coffee, and sleeping until 8AM is sleeping in for me!  I like to be up early to give a boost to my day!  I feel better prepared to take on the world that way.  

I love being able to create blondes that shine.  As a blonde addict myself, I know how easy it is for blondes to look dull, dry, and lifeless.  That's why it's important to me that your blonde is healthy, dimensional, bouncy, and nourished.  There are so many different ways to create a beautiful blonde, and I really enjoy working with you to create the one that's just right for you!