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Hair and Scalp Treatments, Smoothing services, and waxing.

 Additional Services

We offer additional salon solutions to your haircare journey to ensure that your hair is feeling the best ever!  See below for a few of the options that we offer.

Hair Treatments​*

Scalp Treatments**

Waxing Services***

Smoothing Services †





*We offer a full line of Aveda treatments to replenish and nourish your hair.

**Our scalp treatments help moisturize and remove any excess build up.

***Facial waxing only

†  We offer Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Have more questions?  We have answers..

Common Questions

How do I know if I need a hair treatment?

We like to think of treatments like adding fabric softener to your clothes.  It's an added benefit that should be done every time you get your hair done.  

What's the difference between a hair and scalp treatment?

Hair treatments are specifically designed to treat hair conditions such as dry, brittle, and damaged hair while scalp treatments can help remove flaky buildup while adding a protective layer to the scalp itself.

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