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Services & Pricing

We believe pricing should be based on the complexity of the service - NOT by gender or service title.  Everyone's hair is unique, afterall.  This is why we have chosen to base our pricing by active service times.  

Our salon service menu may look a little different, so please be sure to click each link to learn more about how we determine price!

If you are a new client, please check out our new client page for help booking your first appointment.

Cuts and Styling

Woman with short, funky hair


defined as hair above the ear


defined as hair above the ear


defined as hair above the ear




Additional Services

Happy Couple

Hair Treatments​

Scalp Treatments

Waxing Services

Smoothing Services





Hair Extensions

Happy friends with long hair

Click here to learn about hair extension services.

Coloring Services

Woman with Green Hair

We offer a variety of color service packages based on your hair color goals.

Our exclusive color packages give you and your stylist the creative freedom to create the hair of your dreams without the service limitations  of a la carte.

Beauty Room 


We offer a variety of relaxation and beauty services in our beauty room - from facials and massage, to lash extensions.  Click the button below to learn more

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