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Welcome to Kalon Hair Lab

Welcome to your new salon home..

We can't wait to meet you! 


We think everyone on our team is great, but believe the bond you share with your stylist is a personal one.  We want to see you with the stylist that best suits you!  Click here to learn more about each stylist on our team.


Fill out our pre-service form


We will reach out to you and set up a virtual consultation

This is where your stylist will go over your answers with you.  Together you will come up with a game plan to achieve the hair of your dreams and set any appointments to get there.


We will email you a welcome and confirm your appointment.

The welcome email will contain a confirmation of your appointment, along with a copy of our cancellation policy.


Come get your hair done!

The last thing left to do is show up and enjoy your salon experience!

Before you book...

Please fill out our pre-service form to help us book the appropriate service for your needs.

Pre-Service Form
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