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Hey There,

      I'm Maddy!

Specializing in reds of all kind, dimensional blondes, and color melts.

I’m a fun, loving stylist who enjoys pampering her clients & making them feel their best.


You can catch me at home with my two cats, either relaxing on the couch or in the kitchen trying a new Pinterest recipe. My hobbies outside doing hair are collecting antiques or crafting a diy project for my home.

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Along with being a natural humanitarian and caring about the well being of others, I love creating beautiful hair for my clients. It’s a lifestyle!  To my clients and my future clients, I will always make sure that you leave my chair feeling your best.

I became a hairstylist because I love helping people feel good!  I love the salon energy - where else can you laugh until you cry, relax enough to take a nap, feel like you're among friends, and leave with an insane confidence boost?

I'm a laid back person, and when I'm not in salon you can find me hanging out with my two kitties, or having some friends over for a killer game of Mario Kart.  I also love trying out new recipes I find on Pinterest.  If you have any suggestions, bring them with to your appointment.  We can share our favorites!

I love all hair colors, but lived in color is really my sweet spot.  I love hair that looks like it was a result of a long tropical vacation, or that it could have grown out of your head that way.  Whether its a bright blue, or a summery blonde, I want to give your hair natural believable dimension.  

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