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Hey There,

      I'm Marissa!

Specializing in all things rainbow, and creative cutting

Marissa has never met a DIY project she can't tackle. She is the salon go to for any project advice, or with help to make something better.  She not only thinks outside of the box, but she'll tell you what you can do with the box once you're done.

Marissa Roach salon stylist

I really love pushing the envelope and breaking traditional ideas about how we all wear our hair. My favorite thing about doing hair is helping you express yourself in ways you may not have considered trying! I love crazy hair, but no matter what color, I wanna help you turn heads!

I started in this industry 4 years ago as a receptionist and fell in love with the idea of doing hair full time!  

I wanted to become a stylist so that I can encourage you to step out of your shell and embrace who you truly are!  Some of my favorite things to do are the colors, cuts, and styles that others might be too afraid of.  I really like hair that might be considered 'crazy' to some, but to me it's just true expression.  When you sit in my chair, you can expect a one of a kind experience.

Some of my favorite things include The Office, my cat Baby, and the entire Twilight series! I can practically quote all of New Moon without even seeing it on screen.  I also love spiders and consider them my good luck charm.  

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