Hey there, We're your guest happiness team!

Our job is to ensure that your time in the salon leads to you feeling the best ever outside of the salon!

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I love helping people feel good about themselves.  I'm currently in beauty school to learn how to best do that behind the chair, and now I get to do it by helping ensure your time in salon is five star!  I'm quirky, a bit goofy, and I really enjoy sharing some of that with you during your time in salon.  Feel free to chat with me about aerial arts, birds, or your favorite coffee.  I'm here to help ensure your overall experience is unforgettable!



Everyone calls me the Marie Kondo of the salon because I love organizing and decluttering.  I love love love coming up with new ideas and finding new ways to make sure your experience at the salon is a unique memory.  I really focus on the little touches that will spark joy in your day.

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