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Hey There,

      I'm Kimmie!

I own Kalon Hair Lab!

Kimmie can quote The Office in her sleep, creates spreadsheets while she eats and can enjoy a good laugh with her team.  Her determination is on point when it comes to making dreams a reality.  When you hang out with her, you may just start believing in your own dream world (because she's going to help you google it and find it's meaning).

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I first became a hairstylist because I wanted to find my place in the world.  Hair gave me an avenue to express my creativity​ and figure out who I was.  I fell in love with that freedom, and with giving it to others.  After over 10 years in the industry, I saw how intimidating salons can be (especially for outcasts).  That's what encouraged me to open Kalon Hair Lab.  I really wanted to provide a space that felt like a welcomed part of the community - free from judgment.

I am fueled by compassion and purpose.  I believe in challenging assumptions, limitations, and stories.

When I'm not investing in the salon and it's people, you can find me at home working on a DIY project or reading the latest fantasy adventure book.  (I love a good fairytale retelling).  I volunteer with animal rescue groups whenever I find the time, and specialize in the rehabilitation of neonatal kittens.  To date, I have raised over 30 kittens that were otherwise abandoned.  I can't say no to helping the underdog.

When you step inside Kalon, I hope to provide a welcome space that helps you embrace yourself.  My goal is to bring back the community feel of salons.  There's too much competition in the world as it is; we just want to see our neighbors thrive.  

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