Bangs and ombre hair

Cuts and Styling

Technical cuts, trims, and styles

We believe that each haircut should be tailored to the person wearing it.  That's why you won't see any gender labels in our pricing.  

We have built our services to include the most relaxing shampoo experience, blow dry, and any necessary styling to complete the look.  We believe you should leave the salon feeling your best.

15 minute*

30 minute**

45 minute***

60 minute****





*Children's cuts, line ups, bang trims

**Short cuts, fades, or long/thick children's cuts

***Length above the shoulder, fine thin hair, or thick and highly styled short cuts

****Length below the shoulder, or thick hair with shorter length.

Have more questions?  We have answers..

Common Questions

Will I be charged extra if my stylist is slow?

No.  Each stylist has their own way of doing things, and exact timing will vary, but our stylists are trained to identify and follow time standards.  

How do I know how long my haircut will take?

Although exact timing will vary based on each stylist, we have identified common cuts and timing guidelines listed above.  If you are unsure which category best fits you, we encourage you to set up a free consultation.