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Hey There,
      I'm Ashley!

Our very own Disney mom, Ashley makes sure everyone in her presence feels welcomes, supported, and taken care of.  Whether you spend 30 minutes or 3 hours with her, you will leave feeling like you've always known each other.

Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 11.28.37 AM.png

I love all things Disney, and I even painted a hidden Mickey Mouse in the salon mural (can you find it?)

I grew up in the area in a big family, so life was never boring.  I'm a huge family girl and we love spending time together.  Whether that's just hanging out and playing games, or doing something active like skiing or swimming, there's always something to do and somebody to hang out with.  

I bring that same energy with me behind the chair.  When you spend your day with me, you can expect to feel like a welcomed part of my family.  I left my corporate job to pursue my love and passion of working with people to ignite their confidence.  I take my role very seriously, but I also want to make sure we are enjoying our time together.  How you feel when you leave my chair is my number one priority!  

If you're ready to find the best version of yourself, click the link below and let's connect!

What I love most is the change I see in my client from when you first walk in the door to when you are all finished. It’s like you are a new person and I love to see how you carry yourself with confidence.

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