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Coloring Services

Have more questions?  We have answers..

Roots, Balayage, highlighting, Color Corrections and much more...

We believe that salon color has to be completely customized based on each guests skin tone, natural color, maintenance level, and lifestyle choices.  

All of our color services begin with a consultation, and finish with a blowout.

Times are based on application time only.  Total service time will vary.

15 minute*

30 minute**

45 minute***

60 minute†

Extra bowls††

Vivid †††







*Basic grey coverage, hairline highlighting, or a quick money piece

**Partial highlights, root touch up and a few highlights, accent balayage

***Full highlights, balayage, root touch ups with highlighting/balayage

† Blonding on previously colored hair or with regrowth greater than 4", coloring requiring more than 1 process, heavy foiling

†† extra color is charged at cost.

††† In addition to any of the above service.

Common Questions

Will I be charged extra if my stylist is slow?

No.  Each stylist has their own way of doing things, and exact timing will vary, but our stylists are trained to identify and follow time standards.  

How do I know how long my color will take?

Although exact timing will vary based on each stylist, we have identified common coloring and timing guidelines listed above.  If you are unsure which category best fits you, we encourage you to set up a free


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