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Artificial Lashes

Lash Extensions

Does the idea of waking up in the morning with a full set of lashes ready to go sound great?  Do you want to experience what a game changer a full set of natural looking, voluminous, long lashes is?  Keep reading below to learn more about what lash extensions are and what we offer.  Or, if you're ready, click below to book a FREE consultation.

About our lashes

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that are attached to your natural eyelashes in order to make your lash fringe look longer and fuller.  Unlike false eyelashes, where a strip or individual lashes are applied to the skin, lash extensions are attached directly to the lash itself. Extensions last until the natural lash falls out, and require filling every 2-3 weeks.  


 We offer Nova Lash lash extensions by our lash artist, Joy.  To learn more about Joy and see some of her work, visit her stylist page by clicking the button below.   

Makeup Trials

What's the investment?


Full Set: Classic

A classic lash set is one false lash attached to every individual natural lash

A lash fill is done between 2-3 weeks after a full application and fills in gaps from any fallen lashes.

A volume set is 3 false eyelashes attached to every individual natural lash


Hybrid set: coming soon

A hybrid lash set is a combination of both the classic and volume lash application.




Volume Set: coming soon

Lash Policies

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